One evening, Frank (38) arrives at his quiet residential house. His family surprises him for his birthday. Everybody is present: his wife, two children, brother, sister in law, his father and even the babysitter. We witness all the typical birthdayscenes: they drink a toast to Frank, eat his favourite dish and end the party with a real birthdaycake.
During the evening though, there are some indications that things aren’t really what they seem to be at first sight.
Short film by Jan Van Dyck (15 min)
Producer Peter De Maegd
Photography Richard Van Oosterhout
Stijn Van Opstal,
Joke De Bruyn,
Kes Bakker,
Adriana Bakker,
Robby Cleiren,
Iris Van Cauwenbergh,
François Beukelaers,
Indra De Bruyn
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